About us

Christian Ahrens – International Welding Consultant (CA-IWC) was founded in 2015 as Engineering Consultant in the field of welding. Main interest and experience is in welding education and welding training including virtual training, eLearning and Distance Learning.


CA-IWC looks back to more than 35 years experience on education and training in the German Welding Institute GSI and on international activities in more than 50 countries (CV). 


In many countries experience was transferred already to set up or update Welding Institutes (China, Korea, Mongolia, Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Turkey, and others). Additionally courses for welding engineers, welding inspectors, welding instructors, welding specialists, and special courses were organised to improve the knowledge of local welding personnel.


Christian Ahrens was Lead Assessor in the International Institute of welding IIW and in the European Welding Federation EWF. He was also Chairman of the IAB Working Group B1 to take care of the rules and operating procedures of the International Authorisation Board of the IIW. From July 2017 to July 2020 he was elected as Chairman of the IAB Board and was member of the IIW Board of Directors.


In courses for International Welding Engineers (IWE) the specialisation as lecturer is in the field of design and construction.